Thank you for taking the time to check us out. Escaper has returned and is looking to go back to the top of the rankings.

Here is a little history about our guild:

Escaper has been a long time progression raiding guild on the US-Bonechewer server. Over the years the guild has gone through many changes including players, leadership, and play style. Through all of these changes one thing has remained the same, a drive towards being the best we can be.

Formed during vanilla wow, Escaper has always pursued the goal to be the best. Through out vanilla and TBC Escaper would go on to climb the rankings and eventually stand among the top guilds. During the WotLK expansion Escaper was able to continue this advance and push to becoming the top guild on the server. As Cataclysm arrived we lost many members. We were able to hold on to a number 2 ranking even after the decision was made, half way through the tier 11 content, to call an end. Escaper was done, but the fight was not gone.

Only a few months later a spark ignited and the time had come. Escaper has rebuilt and we are climbing back up the rankings. We share the same passion and dedication as the members before us. Escaper shall return to the glory we once held. We will not give up. Join us in our quest to retake the top rank on our server.

As the new expansion nears we are looking to get back to 25man raiding. If you are interested in being a part of Escaper for this new expansion please apply here. We hope that you would like to join us in writing this new history for Escaper.

Currently looking for all classes and specs as we need to build our new roster for Mists of Pandaria.
Franzilla Please list raid times/days, thanks!